Blending Together Hip-Hop Music From Multiple Decades, Blue-Shakespeare’s Musical Sound Is Unique And Incomparable

Elansio Cesaire, also known as Blue-Shakespeare is an up and coming artist from Spring Valley, NY. He brings the true essence of hip-hop to his music while throwing in a little flavor of modern music; truly a promising artist!

Inspired by The Notorious B.I.G, New York native rapper Blue-Shakespeare teams up with producer Nel95 on the track “Real Hood”. This song is about the everyday challenges of being an adolescent in the hood. From family fall-outs to street fights and jail time, he talks about it all in the lyrics.

A lot of people who were raised in similar or worse conditions can relate to the song, since this was everyday life for a lot of us, including the artist himself.

Blue-Shakespeare takes inspiration for his songs from his real life experiences. His music is influenced by 2pac, Nas, JAY-Z, DMX, Biggie, Jada Kiss, Eminem and Wu Tang so it’s no wonder that his flow has the late 90s and early 2000s vibe while his lyrical style has more new-gen music energy.

He is currently an independent artist working with his talented producer, Nel95. He loves performing in Brooklyn and Harlem because they show a lot of love to indie artists.

Blue-Shakespears would love to collaborate with Lil Baby and Lil Durk because he gravitates towards their rap style.

The artist feels more captivated by a song’s lyrics than the music so he likes listening to more OG artists like Nas and Jay, but he also enjoys newer artists with meaningful lyrics like J. Cole and Kendrick.

He believes that social media was a game changer for the music industry, saying: “It has changed the way fans get our music; it’s much faster and allows us artists to connect with fans on a deeper, more personal level.”

He said that the fans are the key to every musician’s success, so he wants to thank his fans for supporting him, subscribing and streaming. He’s not releasing a full album anyt time soon, but fans can look forward to a new song every 3 weeks.

Listen to ‘Real Hood’ by Blue-Shakespeare on Youtube and Spotify.



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